Spring tidy up

The burst of sunshine over the last few days has inspired me to attempt a tidy up. Working a room at a time , amazed at the amount of oddments of yarn and projects I’d managed to scattered about the place!


bag of tangles

In my defense, I do have a busy workshop schedule.

Most of the – creative chaos – was from workshop prep & swapping over workshop kit / samples from my travel bags!

I did however come across a few crochet projects and samples that gave me an idea how to use up the bag of tangles.

 A theme had started to appear, the tidying up and spring clean finds had spoken. . . . . .It was going to be. . . . . . .modular crochet


Melody cushion cover


Melody by Kim Hargreaves Rowan Mag 31









Lurking about in a bag was Melody, the first crochet project I tackled after getting back into the craft. Rowan had started to introduce more crochet into their magazine and as Rowan Design Consultant I needed to know my stuff!



So this little find took me slightly off track and on another little rummage to locate the pattern.

Rowan Magazine 31 published 2002 I managed to distract myself for a good wee while dipping back into the pages. Some classic Rowan designs from Kim Hargreaves, Kaffe Fasset, Martin Storey , Sarah Dallas and Me!



Below: Maggie by Kim Hargreaves and Smoulder by Kaffe Fasset



Orient by Carol Meldrum


With my focus back on the tidy up mission and all gathered up.

Decision made the bag of tangles was going to be a hexagon crochet motif modular blanket as big as the tangles will allow!





motif_graph_1 crochet_hexagon_3

I’ll be posting the pattern soon so feel free to crochet along. The main idea is to re purpose the tangles into something use able. To keep me from going off in a tangent I’m going to try and stick to a colour theme….but can’t promise, hexagon pattern and update coming soon!

I’ve no excuse for not bringing a project with me on my travels

Carol x


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