Day trip to Stirling

I didn’t have to travel far for Saturday’s workshop at McAree Brothers in Stirling. It only takes 20 min on the direct train from Glasgow and a short walk up to the store.

It’s a journey I’ve done many times before having previously worked in the store and being a regular workshop tutor I feel very much at home.


creative crochet floral scarf project

This Saturday was all about getting creative with crochet, we were focusing on a floral theme and how to join motifs together as you go.


getting all creative with crochet




It was a smaller group than usual which was great as we could really get our sleeves rolled up, spread ourselves out and take over the workshop space.


Everybody was up to speed with the basic stitches so it was straight into being creative and getting to grips with the different motifs and introducing folk to the wonderful world of crochet graphs.

Graphs are being used more widely nowadays with crochet which is great, especially with the differences in UK & U.S crochet terminology. The stitches might have different names but the symbols are the same regardless of what language the pattern is written in, it also helps you figure out how everything fits together.

We started by working through a selection of the motifs and familiarising ourselves with the construction, then looked at the different methods of how to join them all together.


mix n match

With this type of project you can be very free form and almost make it up as you go along , although if this isn’t your thing you can plot everything out by pinning the motifs onto a piece of fabric or paper and linking together with chains similar to Irish Crochet.

The pinning helps stop the motifs from moving as you link them and will give you a guide as to how long the chains need to be to keep the fabric flat.


linking with chains




I chose a selection of Rowan Cotton Glace and Patons 100% cotton DK for the project and we dipped into PatternBank’s Pinterest page for inspiration – well worth looking at!

The mix of gorgeous yarns, great company and plenty refreshments made the time fly by, it was all over far to quickly!


Thank you everyone for a wonderful day and looking forward to seeing all your completed projects on my beatknit Facebook page

Carol x



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